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PRP Helps Patients with Tennis Elbow

Recently researchers at the Thomas Jefferson University placed 116 patients in a group to receive PRP, and 114 patients in a control group to not receive PRP but conventional therapy. All of the patients suffered from severe tennis elbow. Not only did the PRP control group report less pain and less tenderness, but they also […]

New Stem Cells May Help in Battling Multiple Sclerosis

According to a study done recently and published in the Stem Cell Reports suggests that the stem cells, which have the ability to turn into any other cell in the human body, can almost cure Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Stem Cells have also been thought to be able to severely help, or even cure Parkinsons, blindness, and spinal […]

PRP Helps Tennis Elbow

According to a study done in 2010 PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma helps people who suffer from tennis elbow. It heals the elbow better then corticosteroid shots. Because tendons get very little blood flow, they’re notorious for being incredibly slow. The PRP’s method of attracting platelets helps speed up the healing process and improves patients […]

4 Arthritis Treatments to Try Now

Stephen Barry, a man from Maryland, has experienced arthritis pain for a while now. He couldn’t remember when, during the last 10 years, he hasn’t felt any pain in his hip. It hurts him to even step off his boat onto the dock near his home. He was retired and though he exercised religiously and […]

We Were the First, and Still Are the Best

PRP Effects

Back in 2010 we became the first company to use non-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation using the patient’s own cells. What does that mean? It means we were the first to use the technique of Platelet Rich Plasma in Maine. Did you know that PRP can even rejuvenate your skin? It doesn’t require any incisions and is […]

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