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Cortisone Injections

I’ve been giving Cortisone injections since 1979 wow. The MathWorks out to be 37 years with well over 100,000 injections. I do believe I have a good background to state the advantages or disadvantages of having this form of treatment

First of all Cortisone is not plutonium it actually is a compound that your adrenal gland’s produce throughout the day. On a given day you will produced naturally 10 times the amount of Cortisone you are given with an injection and orthopedic specialists. In fact if your body didn’t have Cortisone in it you would blow it up like a puffer fish and explode within 48 hours.

What Cortisone is however is a miraculous compound that takes your mast cell’s which are creating a great deal of inflammation and makes their membrane much more stable and less likely to pop. When the Mansil pops it lets out histamine bradykinins cytokinins etc. which are the things that make your nose dribble when you have hay-fever. To be able to neutralize the mast cells in your body while you heal after you’ve had a microfracture, Tenonotomy or a straight up bursal injection with the windsheild wiper technique is great! The delicate balance of inflammation and healing is often mediated with Cortisone making it a fantastic compound.

At orthopedic specialists mind you I give the lowest dose of Cortisone I believe will take care of your particular situation your elbow your foot your shoulder your back etc. have specific needs with specific body types with specific pain patterns etc. that allows me to customize at the drop of a hat what needs to be done.

When it comes to Cortisone injections normally expect at least half of my patients to heal with one shot those that don’t walk up the treatment latter were eventually you may end up with the PRP or possibly a stem cell injection. At worst you might need a surgical procedure but trust me on that one also having performed well over 50,000 procedures I will give you the best advice for what particular problem you have it what treatment surgically would be the best. 

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