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Hip Pain

Problems Treated

    •  Torn labrum

    •  Degenerative arthritis of the hip

    •  Greater trochanteric tendonitis (bursitis)


The hip is a bone and socket joint that frequently as we age, wears out and becomes arthritic. When the hip joint becomes markedly arthritic, a total joint replacement is the most preferred treatment, however. Prior to the hip becoming worn out, injections of cortisone with an ultrasound guided technique can be beneficial in diagnosing the problem and if that provides some relief in the future, PRP injections or stem cell injections can be beneficial in prolonging the life of the hip and avoiding hip replacement in the future.

The hip joint also has problems on the outside of the hip called greater trochanteric tendonitis.   Essentially, this is just like a tennis elbow or a golfer’s elbow in that the muscles of your buttocks, specifically your gluteus medius and minimus muscle, attach to a bone called the greater trochanter which is called the point of the hip. When one has chronic pain in this area and cannot sleep at night when they roll over on that side or have pain with walking up and down stairs, treatment to the greater trochanter can be extremely effective.


Treatment for greater trochanteric tendonitis. The greater trochanter can be seen on ultrasound guided techniques and utilizing a needle, it can be anesthetized easily. Part of the attachment of the muscle can be released, multiple microfractures could be put in place, and depending on the severity, cortisone, PRP, or stem cell therapy can be appropriate to treat these areas efficiently.

Ischial tuberosity tendonitis. The ischial tuberosity is the back portion of the sits bone, where the hamstring tendons attach. Frequently, partial tearing of the hamstring occurs very similar to tennis elbow and the treatment here again would be a cortisone injection first. If that worked, a PRP injection or a stem cell injection can be curative in these problem.