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Dear Dr. Herzog and staff,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the results of the PRP therapy.  Thought you might want to share my story.

I first experienced problems with my knees in the 1980’s.  I had water on the knee several times and was told that as an active person in construction it was not surprising.  So far many years I have tried to be easy on my knees.  In 2017, I was walking in the store and my knee starting clicking, which was very difficult.  I learned to accommodate, by not turning with my foot planted and trying not to over use my knees.  As a self-employed person with a $6,500.00 deductible, no workman’s compensation and no way to take time off to recover from surgery and rehab I was interceded in stem cells.  As I learned about this I ground that one of the pioneers in this field was practicing in Falmouth Maine.  I decided to contact Dr. Herzog after reading many great reviews.  He recommended PRP therapy where they draw my own blood then separate out what is needed and inject it into my knee.  I had three shots a month apart in my bad knee and one treatment on my good knee.  I am happy to say it was successful beyond my hopes and my knees are great.  I can do my job as a farmer and land manager without the worries I had all those years.  If your knees are worn out you should give Dr. Herzog a call.


Thank you so much for changing my life. 
Dean Taylor
Jan 2019

“My Achilles were bothering me after playing basketball. They felt like they were bruised. I went to my family practice doctor and he said it was time to switch to sports where I didn’t have to cut and stop fast… no more basketball or tennis. He explained that men hit 40 and all the wear and tear from years of abusing your achilles where the threads break and heal and sometimes heal incorrectly had finally caught up to me. That was it. Stop playing and it could snap at any time because it was damaged. I started looking for an alternative and a friend mentioned PRP therapy with Dr. Herzog. He looked at both achilles and showed me the fraying in the left and the pencil sized hole in the right and that he thought PRP could help. Over the next 4 to 6 weeks we did 4 injections the left, 6 in the right and both achilles two years later are as good as new. Couldn’t recommend this therapy enough!”

Craig Handley

“When I got tennis elbow I thought my time at the gym was coming to a close. But then I found Orthopedic Specialists and they got me back to the gym faster than I could believe!”


“I thought my marathon running was over when I got Plantar Fasciitis, but then Dr. Herzog fixed me up in no time!”

“I thought my basketball career was over from my terrible ankles. Then I met Dr. Herzog, and he put me through a round of PRP Therapy. I was back on my feet within six weeks.”