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Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff commonly gets injured because the blood supply is very poor. Even after a minor tear it takes a prolonged period of time to heal if it does heal at all. Many patients are faced with the decision to have surgery or just live with it so they’re told.

Since the problem is poor blood supply which means you cannot get oxygen and nutrients to promote healing why not fix the muscle naturally. By utilizing stem cell treatment with PRP you essentially have the muscle regrow a new blood supply and heal itself.

The beauty with natural healing is that you don’t need to miss work and you save thousands of dollars. The procedure doesn’t hurt nearly as much. It is noninvasive and the rotator cuff repair is generally accomplished in a few months for 10% of the cost of traditional surgery not to mention the pain and inconvenience.

Of course not all rotator cuff tears are amenable to stem cell treatment but many are. The best first step is to have an ultrasound of the rotator cuff so you can actually see the tear with your Doctor and have an educated dissuasion and treatment plan.

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