I see tons of people who complain that they believe they have sciatica because they’ve been told that before. Many of them had had countless chiropractor visits physical therapy visits been on every medication imaginable and still aren’t any better. My heart goes out to the patients that had multiple surgeries and are not better. Unfortunately, a lot of these patients have been missed diagnosed and suffer from a condition called sacroiliitis.

The sacroiliac joint is a joint in your low back on either side of your sacrum about the size of your wrist. For some reason this is totally under diagnosed and under treated in our society. In spite of the diagnosis being very easy to make in my opinion for some reason clinicians are afraid to treat it and put patients through agony and confused states. By the time I see one of these sufferers they’re in pain and depressed.

More often than not I tell the patient I think they need a sacral iliac injection of Xylocaine and Depo Medrol. They often are happy someone’s going to do something and I go ahead with the five-minute procedure utilizing my ultrasound to make sure I put the shot in the perfect spot. A common reaction after the injection is given and three minutes later you’re walking around the exam room in no pain you become angry. The most common responses l get is why in the hell didn’t someone do that for me three years ago. I can’t answer why thousands of dollars and time wasted in pain secondary to a poor diagnosis is Something I see every day…

Come on in to Orthopedic Specialists if you’ve got chronic low back pain Which mistakenly is considered hip pain by many. It’s worth a shot and could very much change your life exponentially.